Yang Xiaoyun was born in 1977, the Owner of DONSEN group, obtained the first ten outstanding Gan businessman in Zhejiang Province, executive vice president of the Jiangxi chamber of Commerce, Ningbo Yong Gan Economic Development Association executive vice president and other honors. He Have founded Ningbo Donsen Import & Export Co., Ltd., Donsen Building Materials Co. Ltd., Ningbo Donson mould Co. Ltd, Ningbo Baiyide Building Materials Supermarket. and other companies, has now become the group


Xiao-Yun Yang, a dream effort practitioner.

He was born poor, start with a dream: to work hard and let the hard working parents have a Wonderfull Life; With business growing, he’s born with bigger dreams ,  which is to become a leader in the plastic pipe industry, dream to make your enterprise a listed company, eventually become a world famous company. Now he leads all employees to practice the dream.

Xiao-Yun Yang ,a legendary successful entrepreneur.

He started from a trainee, rely on smart, born good vision, to earn too much technology, fortune and society relationship.

He leads DONSEN from a workshop turn to a group company.

He will lead DONSEN to be a world famous enterprise. Final target: to be the leader of building material industry, to be a world famous company.

Personal experience:

Early phase

Coming from a humble background, he made a life in Yuyao when he was 17 years old. He worked very hard, hold the post of Mould Charge very quickly.

It was a boom season of building material in 2003 years. Using plastic instead of steel, Yang xiaoyun knows this industry had a big chance.


Set up Ningbo donsen building material Co.,Ltd in 2006

To avoid the fire disaster, Mr Yang made a rule that forbid smoking in factory. Some of employees can’t understand. Almost 20 employees left.

Chief Yang thought the rule need to insist.

Developed the whole series of PP compression fitting mould. He requested mould factory to make hundreds of PP compression fitting mould. He set a sample to work overtime everyday. He set up the first PP compression fitting manufacturing factory in China. Donsen is in the leading position in this field in China.

To rectify and reform purchase dept.in 2009 years, Chief Yang sent a purchase team to inspect the pipeline factories. Summarize hundreds of superior suppliers to estimate their quality, price, delivery time and cost. Improve the supply chain, deduce cost, improve quality and short delivery time.

At present.

Because of huge of prepare work, DONSEN becomes a group which build up by more than a dozen factories. Donsen business scope: building material, mould manufacture, export & import and engineering installation ect field.

For more bigger dream, Chief Yang decides to company listing.

In Yang heart, only one dream: leading DONSEN becomes the leader of this field, to become a world famous company.