wzyongrui.cnpany workshop covers an area of 40,000 square meters, which is divided into three stories, the ground floor is responsible for product injection, there's  totally more than 50 injection machines. And it is equipped with a centralized  material feeding system, from raw material mixing, transported to the injection molded products, all processes adopt the integration. Saving labor costs, strict control of raw materials management, ensure safety in production. In order to improve the company's productivity, workshop update molds and injection machines and other equipments duly, put to use automatic injection mold, adopt a robot instead of manual or some other means. The company also has a professional workshop production management department and mold maintenance workshop. Once there's any production process problem, it can be handled for the first time. Solving problems effectively ensure the production orderly. The second floor is mainly responsible for the production of the pipes, with a total of eight professional pipe lines, capable of producing 20-160mm specifications of a various types of pipes, including PPR-AL-PPR Aluminum plastic composite pipe and fiberglass composite pipe. The warehouse is on the third floor, primarily responsible for the product in and out of storage, check the product storage and ensure that customers receiving 100 percent accuracy rate. Throughout the production process, the company select Hyosung Korea imported raw materials to ensure product quality.

The tradition of processing of plastic Mould dates back to 1996, when following the company foundation and market orientation, making the top grade and exact moulds is Donsen hanker aims .Passed on our effort have set up a good company visualize in the field competitors.